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Hosting Files on Your BPQ BBS

Hosting files on your BPQ BBS (Bulletin Board System) allows users to access and download files directly from your BBS. Setting up a file hosting service on your BPQ BBS is straightforward. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Create a "Files" Directory

Navigate to the root directory of your BPQ installation. The root directory is where you've installed BPQ, often referred to as the BPQ home directory. Within this root directory, create a new folder named “Files”. Ensure that the folder name is exactly as shown and is case-sensitive on systems that require it.

Step 2: Add Files to the Directory

Place any files you want to share into the “Files” directory. These files can be anything you deem useful for your BBS users, including but not limited to:

  • Documentation and manuals
  • Small amateur radio software
  • Configuration examples
  • Text files containing news or bulletins

There are no specific restrictions on file types, but it's essential to share only legally distributable and virus-free files.

Step 3: Accessing Files from the BBS

Users connected to your BBS can access the files you've placed in the “Files” directory by using the files command when logged into the BBS.

It's helpful to include a README file or a similar text file containing descriptions of the files or directories, guiding users on their contents and usage.

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