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NET/ROM in Amateur Packet Radio Networking

NET/ROM is a protocol used in amateur packet radio to facilitate digital communication and networking across radio nodes. It combines features of both routing and transport layer protocols, enabling efficient packet switching and data transport over amateur radio frequencies.


NET/ROM was developed in the 1980s to support node-to-node communication in packet radio networks. It allows stations to route messages through intermediate nodes to reach distant stations beyond direct radio range, using a technique known as “digipeating.”

Key Features

  • Dynamic Routing: NET/ROM nodes can automatically update routing tables based on the information received from other nodes, optimizing the path for packet delivery.
  • Connection-Based Communication: Supports establishing a reliable connection between stations.

How NET/ROM Works

NET/ROM operates by establishing nodes that act as digipeaters or routers. When a packet is sent from a source station:

  1. The packet is forwarded to a nearby NET/ROM node.
  2. The node consults its routing table to determine the best next hop towards the destination. This routing table is dynamically updated through nodes broadcasts, a process vital for maintaining network efficiency and reliability. For more on nodes broadcasts in the context of BPQ, see Nodes Broadcasts in BPQ.
  3. The packet is relayed from node to node until it reaches its destination.

This process allows for efficient use of the amateur radio spectrum by reducing the need for stations to transmit over long distances directly.

NET/ROM and Modern Packet Radio

Despite the increasing use of the Internet for communication, NET/ROM remains a vital part of the amateur packet radio ecosystem, especially in areas where internet access is unreliable or unavailable.

Contributing to the NET/ROM Knowledge Base

This page is part of a community effort to document and share knowledge about amateur packet radio networking. If you have experience with NET/ROM, consider contributing to this wiki by:

  • Adding your knowledge to existing pages
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