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BBS Configuration Parameters Guide

This guide outlines the configuration of various Bulletin Board System (BBS) parameters within BPQ. It covers settings for system operations, message management, internet service integration, and message filtering. For details on configuring message forwarding, see the Bulletin Forwarding Configuration Guide.

BBS and SYSOP Configuration

  • BBS Call: The call sign assigned to your BBS.
  • SYSOP Call: Your call sign as the system operator.
  • H Route: Configures hierarchical routing.
  • Redirect messages intended to BBS Call to SYSOP Call: INFO NEEDED
  • BBS APPL No: The application number assigned to the BBS.
  • Streams: The number of simultaneous connections your BBS can handle.

System Message and Bulletin Settings

  • Send System Msgs to SYSOP Call: Enable this to direct system-generated messages to the SYSOP.
  • Refuse Bulls: Activate this option to block incoming bulletins.
  • Enable FBB UI System: INFO NEEDED
    1. Send Mail For Beacons every [x] Minutes: Configure the interval for “mail for <callsign>” beacon messages.
  • Don't Hold Messages From New Users: Allow messages from new users without holding them for review.
  • Set Don't add WINLINK.ORG flag on new users: Prevent the addition of a WINLINK.ORG flag for new user messages.
  • Don't Request Name: Skip the request for the user's name.
  • Don't Request Home BBS: Avoid asking for the user's home BBS.
  • Dont Check From Call: Disable verification of the sender's call sign.
  • Allow users to kill T messages: Permit users to delete their traffic messages.
  • Forward Messages to BBS Call: Enable forwarding of messages to the BBS call sign.
  • Don't allow unknown users: Restrict access to known users only.

Internet Service Parameters

  • Enable Remote Access:
    1. POPPort: Port number for POP3 access.
    2. SMTPPort: Port number for SMTP access.
    3. NTPPort: Port number for NTP synchronization.
  • AMPR Address: Your AMPRNet IP address.
  • Send AMPR Mail to AMPR host: Enable this to route AMPRNet mail appropriately.

ISP Interface Settings

  • Enable ISP Interface: Toggle to integrate with an Internet Service Provider.
  • My Domain: Specify your domain name.
  • SMTP Server: Address and port for outgoing mail.
  • SMTP Domain: Your domain for SMTP purposes.
  • POP3 Server: Address and port for incoming mail.
  • ISP Account Name and Password: Credentials for ISP access.
  • POP3 Poll Interval: How often to check for incoming mail.
  • SMTP Server Requires Authentication: Specify if SMTP authentication is needed.

WP (White Pages) Update Settings

  • Send WPUpdates: Enable sending updates to white pages for specified BBS calls in WP Destinations.
  • Reject WP Bulls: Block white pages bulletins.
  • Type B / Type P: Specify types for white pages processing.
  • WP Destinations: Define destinations for white pages updates.

Message Filtering Options

Configure filters to manage incoming and outgoing messages based on specific criteria:

  • Reject From/To/At/BID: Specify criteria for rejecting messages.
  • Hold From/To/At/BID: Set parameters for holding messages for review rather than immediate delivery.

BBS Tips

  • For additional guidance on crafting and sending messages effectively, make sure to visit the Message Sending Tips page.
  • If you'd like to host small files from your BBS, check out the file hosting page.
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