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Welcome to the BPQ Packet Radio Wiki

Welcome to the BPQ Packet Radio Wiki, your comprehensive guide to using BPQ software for packet radio communications. BPQ offers advanced networking capabilities, node operations, and a BBS.

What You Will Need

  • Amateur Radio License: Necessary for legally operating on the frequencies used for packet radio.
  • Radio Equipment: A VHF/UHF or HF transceiver capable of operating in the bands designated for packet radio.
  • TNC (Terminal Node Controller) or a sound card interface: For converting digital signals to audio tones and vice versa. Some modern setups use a software TNC (sound modem) such as Direwolf.
  • Computer: With BPQ software installed to control your packet station and manage connections.

Installing BPQ

  1. Download BPQ Software: Visit the official BPQ website to download the latest version of the software suitable for your operating system.
  2. Installation: Follow the detailed installation guides on this wiki to correctly install and configure BPQ on your system.

BPQ Configuration

Configuring BPQ involves setting up your station details, defining ports (radio interfaces), and configuring network options.

Operating Your BPQ Station

Once your BPQ system is configured, you're ready to start packet radio operations. This section includes:

Contributing to the BPQ Wiki

This wiki is a community-driven project. Contributions from users like you help keep our information up-to-date and useful for everyone. Simply register by clicking Register at the top of the page and you can get started.

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